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Project Description
SharpMedia is a media center application designed to organize and playback video files. It takes a different approach to the organization of media files on storage devices.

Each device should have a root directory where media is stored. In the root there are directories for every type of media on the device (for now these types are "anime", "tvshows" and "movies"). Within each of the type directories there is one directory for each Title. The name of a Title directory is the name that will be displayed within SharpMedia. It is also the name that will be used in queries to IMDB and other information services.

Using this media structure, it is possible for SharpMedia to import all media files of a storage device in a matter of seconds. Once imported, SharpMedia can display the media even if the storage device is not plugged in, it uses the devices volume labels to distinguish them and it can tell you which storage device a particular movie or episode is located on, so you can connect it and begin watching.

Main Features:

- DirectShow media playback incl. DVD playback
- Simplistic, but snazzy interface rendered using Direct3D
- A different media file scanning system that imports 5000+ media files in parallel from all connected disk devices in under 10sec
- Sorts media in 3 categories, anime, movies and tvshows.
- Sorts tvshows and anime correctly according to episode using filename pattern recognition
- Imdb, TVRage and connectivity for downloading information and images for media titles
- Tracks viewers progress in watching tvshows and anime
- And more.


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